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22 March to Miss Georgiana Darcy

possibleGA Disagreeable Little Inn

On the Road to Rosings

Dearest Georgie,

I hope you feel for me in my hour of need, having been witness to our dear brother kidnapping me and dragging me off to Rosings to be tortured and tormented by Aunt Catherine. You know how she simply adores me.

Fortune has truly smiled on you, as William knows how frightened you are of our aunt. You will be fully content, I know, when you are safely tucked away in Town with Mrs. Annesley instead of having to make this Easter trek to Rosings. Speaking of your companion, please give her my greetings. She is a lovely lady indeed. You are probably so busy preparing for your come out that you will hardly notice my extended absence. No doubt Aunt Matlock will visit you frequently to assist with your training.

Seriously, dear little sister, you must listen to everything Mrs. Annesley and our aunt tell you even when you do not wish to. They are very wise ladies. I am looking forward to dancing with you at your come out ball in a few years so you had best pay close attention to your dancing master. I promise to practice with you when I am released from my present confinement.

It has been raining steadily since we left Pemberley, making travel very disagreeable. At least our brother has deigned to let me bring Theseus along behind the coach. Unfortunately, because of the inclement weather, I have not been able to ride for more than an hour or two a day. Instead I have had to endure William’s cheery company in the close quarters of the coach. (By the way, the new coach is quite nice inside and also well sprung for comfort.)

I am finding traveling with our brother even more trying than usual. I am weary of trying to find a subject on which we can converse without arguing or that does not provoke yet another lecture from him on my faults. I have now officially given up on that project and mainly read when the road is not too rough, or more often, I simply sleep. As you might imagine, I have slept so much that I will barely need a bed for the entire length of our stay at Rosings.

I will give Cousin Anne your love when I see her and will write again after we arrive to share all of Aunt C’s latest advice.

Your (tormented) brother,

Theo Darcy